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SAP UX Value Calculator

SAP-UX-CALCULATORSAP UX Value Calculator: Value of UX at your company

Improving the user experience of your curent software goes beyond making good looking interface screens. Task effectiveness, task efficiency and user satisfaction are key elements in the evaluation of a successful user interface. A great user experience will maximize the values of these 3 components, leading to extra savings for your company. Benefit from SAP experience and learn how improving the User Experience (UX) might have an impact on your company. Calculate your potential savings now with our UX Value Calculator. At SAP UX Design Services we humanize software experience through design. Great design works best when we create it together.

During the Discover phase SAP UX Design Services meet with stakeholders and scope to understand the challenge at-hand and create a problem definition. Next SAP UX Design Services conduct a 360° Research which includes observations and interviews with users and subject matter experts; SAP UX Design Services look at what analysts and thought leaders write about the topic at-hand; and also look at similar situations. SAP UX Design Services analyse and synthesize the artifacts collected during the 360° Research to define personas, and derive insights and principles that will guide us to move into the Design phase.

During the Design phase SAP UX Design Services generate ideas to address the design challenge. This is when SAP UX Design Services start moving into the solution space. Make to think is the mantra for this phase. SAP UX Design Services start building and embodying our ideas to make them tangible as prototypes. We test and iterate them further.

During the Deliver phase SAP UX Design Services start implementing functional prototypes, by applying technology Core features are selected, architectural decisions are made and code gets written. We explore further what is technically possible to address the design challenge. We continue to test and iterate before deploying a new solution.

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