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پیشنهاد درج کاربردپذیری در شاخص های بین المللی فاوا به ITU در تاریخ 25/04/2014

Display Form For Public Consultation on the draft text of the Strategic Plan 2016-2019

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Name :     BAZARGAN, Kaveh
Date :     April 25, 2014
Country :     I.R. OF IRAN

Contribution :  

Dear ITU Colleagues,

First of all, “congratulations and thank you” to all ITU stakeholders for this very brilliant initiative of “Public Consultation on the draft text of the Strategic Plan 2016-2019”. As an Assistant-Professor in Human-Computer Interaction I strongly believe that information systems development should meet both organizational and individual challenges and needs, thus all relevant human factors should be incorporated into the design process and system development life cycle as early as possible. My research focuses on evaluating and improving the user experience and usability of information systems towards enhanced strategic ICT leadership and governance for empowering citizens with lifelong learning e-skills and e-competencies towards lifelong learning in a networked and complex world. Fuman Factors are officially recognized by the ITU in the following ITU-T Recommendation documents: – ITU-T Recommendation F.901 – Operations and Quality of Service – Human Factors – General (Not Specific to Telephone Service) – Usability Evaluation of Communication Services – ITU-T Recommendation F.902: Operations and Quality of Service Human Factors – Interactive Services Design Guidelines – ITU-T Recommendation E.138. Given that above explanations, I would recommend semantically enriching the bellow objectives by adding the following terms in capital letters (cf. Table 4: Linkage of Sector and intersectoral Objectives to ITU Strategic Goals – PROPOSED ANNEX 2 TO RESOLUTION 71: STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE UNION FOR 2016-2019): T.1. Develop non-discriminatory international standards (ITU-T Recommendations), in a timely manner, and foster interoperability, improved performance AND USABILITY of equipment, networks, services and applications D.3 Enhance confidence, security AND USABILITY in the use of telecommunication/ICTs D.4. Build human and institutional capacity, promote digital inclusion AND USABILITY and provide concentrated assistance to countries in special need I.1-1: Increased collaboration among relevant stakeholders, aiming to improve the efficiency AND USABILITY of the telecommunication/ICT environment I’m ready and willing to collaborate. Your kind consideration is highly appreciated in advance.

All the best,

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan

Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction

Department of Information Technology Management

Shahid Beheshti University

Tehran, I.R. of Iran