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HCI Topics

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Human-centered computing (HCC) has become a discipline in its own right since the last iteration of the ACM CCS classification. Because of its increasing importance in the literature, HCC was made a-level branch. New 2nd-level concepts were added and we also pulled together existing terms related to interfaces, usability, and personal computing. Collaborative and social computing was parented here in addition to its location within Social and professional topics. Three of the four remaining 2nd-level concepts below are new:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information visualization
  • Personal computing
  • Ubiquitous and mobile computing

Many of the existing terms related to interface design – primarily those found in H.5 Information interfaces and presentation – are now collected here under Human-computer interaction (HCI). Visualization appeared somewhat frequently within author-supplied keywords and so we now have 3rd- and 4th-level terms for various visualization tools and techniques. Ubiquitous and mobile computing contains 3rd-and 4th-level terms related to applications and devices for both mobile and ubiquitous computing — which are sometimes but not always the same.